Friday, August 18, 2017


Sculptureum is a word made up of sculpture and museum and is a collection of works put together in Matakana.  We went down on a bus trip and had a wonderful time.The owner has been a collector for a lifetime and finally bought a vineyard and has set this up on part of it.  First of all one wanders through an outdoor area.  Here is a sample.

Friday, August 4, 2017


Way back on the 22nd April we went on a day trip down to Auckland.  We drove down to Devonport and caught the ferry across to Rangitoto. Neither of us had been to Rangitoto before

Rangitoto Island sits majestically just off the Auckland coast, a short 25 minute cruise from downtown Auckland. Visible from Mission Bay to Cheltenham Beach, this 600 year old volcano boasts a unique landscape of rugged lava crops, lush native bush and sandy coves. Walk to the top for spectacular 360 degree views of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf islands, or hop on board our Volcanic Explorer road train tour for a guided island experience.

We went on the 4wd road train and then walked 300 steps to the summit.  It was a most enjoyable day.

It ended up being a long day as on the return ferry trip two ladies "forgot" to disembark at Devonport and went on to Auckland City.  We had to wait for them before we set off back home.

The lava

The road train

There are some baches (holiday homes) still on the island.

Views from the summit

the lava

Views across to the city

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Three weeks after our wedding we went up to Mitimiti where we had an enjoyable holiday last year.  Sophie, the Labrador, was able to come as well.  We had a week this time.  There is no cell phone coverage although we did have wi-fi so were able to read our local paper.  It is about two hours to the nearest shops so we had to take all the food we would need for the week.  Once again, we were lucky with the weather - there was nothing to do but walk, read and relax.  As they say, just what the Doctot ordered.  

Doug collected some mussels on the rocks.  There are horses and cattle roaming freely on the beach.  Doug took his bow and had some target practice up against the sand dunes.

                                                           Quite contented in the rocks!!
                                         but came out when we approached

                                        A sculpture by Chris Booth on Ralph Hotere's grave